Covering in Painting

“That’s the whole process of being able to cover. Because you never conceal, you never really cover. It’s so much like having extra vision. No matter what you cover, you see all of what you cover, whereas the person who is looking will only see the last thing you did. But all of the stuff that came from beneath that is all the stuff that makes whatever eventually is the result…”  –Raymond Saunders, 2012, [1:27:37]

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No Reservations: Azores

No Reservations, Azores

No Reservations, Azores:

  • Part 1 – includes São Miguel island and its connection to Fall River
  • Part 2 – includes São Miguel island and the ‘furnas’
  • Part 3 – Faial and Pico islands. This episode includes 8mm film of the 1957 volcano on Faial island shot by my mother, Alzira Simas.  For archives of those family films see my Island Project.
  • Part 4 – Faial and Pico islands
  • Part 5 – Pico and São Jorge