Ordinary domestic labor

“In the same way that you face the questions of painting like you would face dirty laundry or dirty dishes we might actually be forced to think that the really courageous way of encountering the basic structural questions of art are not in this big Hegelian picture of art history as this big machine that constantly works towards the next higher level but its more like the time of domestic affective labor where you clean away that damn dust and you deal with the dirty dishes every day.” (Jan Verwoert, Why are conceptual artists painting again? Because they think it’s a good idea, 2010)

Covering in Painting

“That’s the whole process of being able to cover. Because you never conceal, you never really cover. It’s so much like having extra vision. No matter what you cover, you see all of what you cover, whereas the person who is looking will only see the last thing you did. But all of the stuff that came from beneath that is all the stuff that makes whatever eventually is the result…”  –Raymond Saunders, 2012, [1:27:37]

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