This Is Not Normal

This is Not Normal is the first in a series of books reacting to the November 2016 United States presidential election. It was triggered by something comedian John Oliver said on his show Last Week Tonight a few days after the election. The thirty watercolors and the Oliver quote were painted on found paper between November 2016 and January 2017. 40 pages, 4.25x5.5”.

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This is not normal book

This Is Not True

This is Not True is the second in the series reacting to the 2016 election. The motivation for this book is the normalization of lies which have become a daily occurance from this president and his staff. The thirty watercolors were painted between March and June 2017. 40 pages, 4.25x5.5”.

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This is not true book

Notebook: 1999-2003

The seventy-seven works on paper gathered in this book are from two 17x14” studio notebooks kept while painting the Tulips series. Reactions to the studio process, gardening, travel and political upheavals of the time, they include collage, acrylic, watercolor, graphite, marker and typewriter notes. 2016, 92 pages, 8x8”.

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Notebook 1999-2003


Cantigas (songs) is a reissue of a 1997 collage book. It is based on the ten cantos of Luis Vaz de Camões’ epic poem Os Lusíadas (1572) about the Portuguese voyages of discovery. In addition to referencing stories from The Lusiads, Cantigas also references The Three Marias: New Portuguese Letters (1973), a feminist book of poetry banned in Portugal until after the 1974 Carnation Revolution. 24 pages, 2017, 4.5x4.2”.

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